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Program description

The Diploma in Agriculture is a hands on two-year program which prepares students to manage a farm or work in an agricultural business. Courses cover everything from agricultural production to marketing and business management. Students will develop the communication and leadership skills needed to thrive in the industry whether in marketing and financial services, livestock and crop supply, crop management, agricultural merchandising, or managing a farm.

Program options

Diploma in Agriculture - 2 years

Program options

  • Business Management – An in-depth education in business management and how to apply what you’ve learned to an agricultural operation
  • Livestock Management – Manage a livestock operation of your own. Students can take courses in beef, dairy, swine, poultry or horse production
  • Crop Management – Manage farms with cereals, oilseeds, special or horticultural crops 
  • General Agriculture – Foundation in agricultural engineering, crop, livestock and agribusiness management

    Interesting courses and unique opportunities

    Interesting courses

    • Organic Crop Production on the Prairies
    • Precision Agriculture
    • Advanced Communication and Rural Leadership

    Co-op options
    The Cooperative Education option integrates the student’s academic study with practical work experience in industry, government and the farming profession. Cooperative Education in the Diploma of Agriculture incorporates one summer work term after the first year of study.

    Exchange and travel opportunities
    Exchange opportunities exist for agriculture students to study abroad in countries such as Sweden, Mexico, France, the U.S., China and India.

    Note: diploma in Agriculture students can transfer up to two years of credit into some Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences degree programs.

    Professional opportunities

    • Crop scout
    • Agriculture loans officer
    • Agricultural sales representative
    • Farm owner/manager

    Admission Requirements

    Visit the Agricultural diploma application for admission page to learn more about admission requirements, application dates and how to apply.

    What is unique about this program at the U of M?

    Drawing on the expertise of Farm Management instructors who operate and manage their own farms, students will develop a business plan for a commercial farm or agribusiness as part of the Management Planning Project. This unique project gives students a chance to apply their practical skills in a real world situation before leaving university.

    To accommodate students with farming obligations, the program extends over two academic sessions, beginning in mid-September and ending in early April.
    Many students without an agricultural background use this program to enter the agrifood industry.

    The Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences has its own honeybee operation and poultry barn on campus. Two livestock and crop production research farms are located in Glenlea and Carman, Manitoba.  

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