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Program description

The Geological Sciences or Earth Sciences are multidisciplinary sciences that apply principles from many different fields to deal with all aspects of the solid Earth and its interactions with the hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and Solar System. Quantitative data is provided through fieldwork, laboratory analysis and theoretical modeling for understanding the physical, chemical and biological behaviour and characteristics of Earth materials – rocks, minerals, fossils, liquids and gases. Once the nature and extent of the Earth’s natural evolution is understood and quantified, as well as the more recent environmental impact of human activity, they can help tackle many resource extraction, mineral processing and environmental problems, and predict future changes to the Earth.

Program options

Degree options

B.Sc. G.Sc. (Gen.) Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences (General) - 3 years

Interesting courses and unique opportunities

Interesting courses

  • Time-Trekker's Travelog: Our Evolving Earth
  • Natural Disasters and Global Change
  • Exploring the Planets

Professional opportunities

The three-year General program in Geological Sciences is designed to give students a basic understanding of the discipline in combination with a concentration of courses in a second subject area. The General Program is not intended for those students who seek a career in the geosciences. Rather, it is a useful consideration for students planning to enter the Bachelor of Education program (see the Faculty of Education) or other programs that require an undergraduate degree for admission. Students intending to pursue a career in the geosciences or graduate study should hold an Honours or Major degree in Geology or Geophysics.

Admission Requirements

Visit the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources Direct Entry (high school applicants) or Advanced Entry (post-secondary applicants) application for admission page to learn more about admission requirements, application dates and how to apply.

What is unique about this program at the U of M?

The Department of Geological Sciences is a relatively small department who have developed a friendly informal atmosphere. It is easy to get to know the students and faculty, who are very approachable and always willing to provide assistance.

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