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Program description

The Bachelor of Social Work Program prepares students for generalist practice who are knowledgeable of social work practice, theory, policy and research, and who have sufficient competence for entry-level social work positions. The program is based on the principles of social justice, human rights and anti-oppression with an emphasis on understanding the structural roots of social problems. Foundation courses are grounded on critical theoretical frameworks including indigenous worldviews, feminism and anti-racism.

Program options

Degree options
B.S.W. Bachelor of Social Work – 4 years

Study options
Full-time program - 4 years
Concentrated program - 2 years
Part-time program - up to 9 years

Interfaculty Option in Aging

Interesting courses and unique opportunities

Interesting courses

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Selected Topics in Social Work: Indigenous Ways of Practice
  • Selected Topics in Social Work: Sexual and Gender Minority Issues in Practice and Policy - An Inter-disciplinary Approach
  • Selected Topics in Social Work: Art and Creative Expression in Social Work: Applications in Practice and Inquiry

Fieldwork options
To provide students with first-hand professional experience, fieldwork placement opportunities are available in over 100 agencies and departments.

Professional opportunities

  • Child welfare
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family services
  • Social policy
  • Community development
  • Health care 

Admission requirements

Visit the application for admission page to learn about admission requirements, important dates and how to apply.



What is unique about this program at the U of M?

The University of Manitoba's Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work programs are the only accredited social work programs in the province of Manitoba.

Small class sizes provide students the opportunity to develop strong, professional relationships and gain meaningful feedback from faculty.

3rd year Bachelor of Social Work student Kenneth Letander connects the University of Manitoba’s Research Group RESOLVE as statement gatherer for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

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