Canadian High School Student
General admission to the University of Manitoba requires Manitoba high school graduation (5 full credits at the Grade 12 level in courses designated S, G, or U), plus a designated set of program-specific requirements (or equivalent).
Required Documents
  • All current Manitoba Grade 12 student who submit an application for September by March 1 will have their interim and final Grade 12 transcripts sent automatically to our office from their high school.
  • All other candidates applying for admission on the basis of graduation from high school must make their own arrangements to submit complete, official high school records, including proof of graduation, to our office.
Note: If you have previously attended university of college but have completed less than 24 credit hours of study, you must submit your high school records in addition to your university or college transcript.

High school subject prerequisites exist for some first year university courses (e.g. specific courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics). If you wish to register for such courses, you should make sure that your high school transcript has been provided to our office prior to your registration date.

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Manitoba Residency

For purposes of undergraduate admission to the University of Manitoba, a Manitoba Resident shall be defined as a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada who, at the application deadline, meets any one of the following four descriptions:

  1. Has graduated from a Manitoba high school
  2. Has a recognized degree from a university in Manitoba
  3. Has completed either one year or two consecutive years of full-time academic studies in a recognized program at a university in Manitoba, while physically residing in Manitoba. The duration shall be determined by the program of study and identified in the respective Applicant Information Bulletin or Supplemental Regulations.
  4. Has resided continuously in Manitoba for any two year period following high school graduation. The two year residence period shall not be considered broken where the program’s admission committee is satisfied that the applicant was temporarily out of the province on vacation, in short-term volunteer work or employment, or as a full-time student.

Students should apply the University of Manitoba undergraduate admission definition of Manitoba Residency when applying to professional programs where residency is required or applied. For further information review the program specific Applicant Information Bulletin’s.